Smithery Style

May 19, 2016
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Last weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting the co-founders of Smithery Style in my home for my very own Sip & Click party.

For those of you who don’t know, Smithery Style is an on-line clothing boutique specializing in helping women dress for their body shape.

Co-Founders Rena and Mavis arrived a couple of hours before the party.  They arrived with (pink!) hockey bags full of carefully curated threads which they hung, placed, and  steamed in my living room.  I can’t tell you how exciting it was for me, the girl who loves clothes, to have her home transformed into a clothing boutique for the evening.  Continue Reading…

City life


May 8, 2016
ricoh centre

Last week I attended a Toronto Marlies playoff game with my sister. We each took our boys and they each brought a friend along.

The Marlies are at the tail end of the best season in the team’s history and have guaranteed themselves a 1st place finish in the American Hockey league for the first time ever — pretty exciting for TO!  Continue Reading…

Cottage life

Cottage Sneak Peek

May 2, 2016
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We decided on Saturday that since it was such a lovely sunny day, we should take a drive to the cottage.  The kids jumped for joy when we suggested it and then ran home from the park to pack a bag and hop in the car.  Normally we wouldn’t go down until later in May, but we have been so excited about it, we couldn’t wait any longer!  We called and booked a hotel for the night on our way (cottage is too cold at night and not ready for us just yet), which had a pool, so that was an added bonus for the kids.

We played baseball and jumped in mud piles. We went for nature walks and collected branches and twigs that had fallen over the winter.  We found a robin’s egg too – all sure signs of spring!

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Work life

Megan Preece

April 14, 2016

To celebrate my new venture – becoming my own boss – I’ve decided to do a series of interviews with some of my favourite and most inspiring female entrepreneurs.  Being a newbie at this, I not only want to pick their brains on how they make it work, but I want to find out what led them to becoming entrepreneurs.

First up is Megan Preece.  Megan is not only a friend of mine, but she was our wedding and newborn photographer.  Megan is employed full-time at one of Canada’s leading banks.  Separately, and part-time she is an entrepreneur – a freelance photographer. Since our wedding in 2012, she has photographed over 40 weddings.  I wanted to sit down with Megan quickly before her busy season comes into full-swing.  That, and before she begins to plan her own wedding (which will be another blog post entirely – a wedding photographer’s wedding!)
Megan Preece

Kelly:  Was becoming a wedding photographer something that you always knew you wanted to do?  Continue Reading…

Kids & Family

Happy Mornings

April 5, 2016

Last week, my husband and I attended a talk by Doone Estey, parent educator with the Parenting Network. Doone’s talk was exactly what I needed.  Her topic was How to Get Out The Door in The Morning (Without Losing Your Mind). I think I come close to losing my mind most weekdays in our house, so this topic was of high interest to me.

Mornings in our house can be crazy and stressful.  Usually, there are no real conversations going on between anyone in our family between 7:30 – 8:30 am. Instead, we have demands (“Get your boots on!”), constant nagging (“Have you brushed your teeth yet?”…”Yet?”…”Yet??”), bribery (“You can use the iPad once you are dressed, have eaten all your eggs, and your teeth are brushed!”) and sometimes there’s even (gentle!) pushing a kid out the front door (“Come on, the bell just rang.  WE’RE LATE!!!”). We are all just trying to make it through to the end goal: the school bell.

In the last few days since attending the talk, things have changed in our house.  People are happy.  Getting out the door has been smooth, which is a word I would never have associated with mornings in our house before.

Some things I learned from Doone:  Continue Reading…

Style, Work life

Sneak Peek

March 31, 2016
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I have been working on something exciting alongside two very creative ladies  – one of my good friends and a new friend – for the past year.  It has been a long time coming and we are excited to launch later this spring. Think style, food, yoga, parenting, DIY (and so much more) all wrapped up in one fun place!  We are working with a team of crazy-talented individuals who are working day and night to get this thing up and running. We have put hours into this but it doesn’t actually feel like “work”.  I think that is one of the best things about it – it’s fun! Everyone involved is doing what they love, which is just the most important thing, right?  That, and I get to work with a successful and talented friend whom I admire.  Here is a quick sneak peek of a very successful day we had shooting for this project last week.  Stay tuned for more in early June!!  I will be able to share all the juicy deets with you then!  Continue Reading…